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Arctic Apples – Bring ‘em on

One of my favourite breakfasts on this cleanse has to be the smoothies. One in particular that I love is a pretty traditional type smoothie in my Nutri Bullet – some spinach, blueberries, pear, greens powder and some green apple. I love Granny Smiths so have been using them, but for a smoothie for one, I just need half an apple. Therein lies the problem.

Brown and yukky looking

arctic appleYou know what happens when you slice an apple, use one half and try and keep the other half for another day? Yes, (and especially with Granny Smiths) the cut surface turns a disgusting looking brown and really is not very appealing, Although I know nutritionally it is still just fine, and the brown is NOT a sign of it rotting, more like oxidizing  (rusting) , I still have trouble wanting to eat it. Invariably I end up cutting off the offending layer. I know you could fart around dipping the cut half in lemon juice, and supposedly keep the browning away, but hey I’m a guy, we don’t do stuff like that, we just want it nice and simple.

A terrible waste no matter how you slice it!

Because they brown, I can’t see myself ever slicing a Granny Smith and packing it in a baggie in my lunch, so you can imagine what the Moms of the world experience trying to get their kids to consume some healthy apples – a whole apple is too much for the little guys to finish, so half is eaten then the rest chucked in the garbage, or, if Mom sends a half apple in slices, the slices of course brown, then the little darlings will toss the whole thing. A terrible waste. Here’s a Moms perspective, on Nurse loves Farmer, that I think is great!

Arctic Apples – No more browning

Did you know there is a small company in the Okanagen Valley in B.C. Canada,  Arctic Apples, that have done something about it, and have developed a couple of apple varieties  - grannies being one – that don’t turn brown when they’re cut? Imagine how neat that would be – the same apple, the only difference is it doesn’t turn brown. A non browning apple. Wow!

Who wouldn’t like that?

Well, it seems quite a few. The reason being that the developers have genetically modified these  apples to cause them to switch off the browning all by themselves. They used an existing gene the apples have, i.e. they did not introduce a gene from another species,  they didn’t didn’t even use a gene from another apple variety, they just altered it so the browning process is largely turned off through gene silencing . Nothing scary, same old apple, same taste, same nutrition – it just doesn’t turn brown. The trouble is this is accomplished with genetic modification, so this puts them in the GMO category, a which of late has been getting some pretty concerted efforts to discredit the technology used, so of course the Arctic Apples have been caught up in the rhetoric and unfounded hysteria that surrounds GMO’s. Too bad, as the technology is sound, proven to produce a product equal to a traditional, non GMO one,  and is exhaustively tested before the approval to grow it is granted. A detailed explanation of this gene silencing process is here on the Arctic Apples website. (It’s an easy, non techie read.)

But they’re coming – mark my words

Despite the anti GMO backlash that these are amidst, they WILL be approved for sale, of that I’m certain. I prefer to believe the science behind genetically modifying food, and to have trust in our regulatory system, than believing the unfounded hearsay that you’ll find on some obscure “GMO’s are bad – dunno why, they’re just bad” blog. Looking forward to getting to eat the WHOLE apple. They’re currently in the final stages of approval, and I believe the science will win over the rhetoric. As it should.  Non browning GMO apples. Bring ‘em on!

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